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The Viveo Family

The Viveo Family has grown steadily since 2003…
…but certainly not by chance!


Rule no. 1: Building customer loyalty means first and foremost building employee loyalty

This is why in 2003, Viveo chose to be a service provider (and not an agent); as such, all Viveo home workers signed a CDI (Indeterminate Contract) with our structure:

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This employment contract provides stability and security that allows employees to plan for the future. A benefit for themselves and their customers  which benefits the whole Viveo Family.

Rule no. 2: Feeling good about yourself to do good to others

"What is an internal social service exactly?

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This is the consequence of an awareness at Viveo that in order to work well, you need to be well in your head; and it is not always easy when you do not know about labour law, social rights or even support possibilities.  Viveo, through this social service, supports itsemployees free of charge, so that they can obtain housing, change it, place their children in a school or even optimise their personal expense items.  Because in order to move forward well, we have to move forward together.

Rule no. 3: Make employees grow so that they gain autonomy

In addition to individual or collective training programs organised by Viveo, various processes allow our employees to enhance their experience with us.

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The VAE (for Validation of Acquired Experience) is one of the qualifications that allows our employees to transform professional experience into "Diploma Equivalence", BTS SP3S, DEAES or even ADVF: Viveo employees evolve and enhance their experience.

Rule no. 4: Stabilise the team

Because to get to know each other takes time,
Because to know a home, you have to take it in hand
Because the stability of a relationship is reassuring for each party,
This is why 63% of our staff have more than 5 years of service!

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