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Discover the 2 types of supervision offered by Viveo



School or nursery school trips:

This is about picking up your child after school (from kindergarten to college) or from nursery and accompanying them to your home, giving them a snack and assisting them with their homework.  The emphasis is systematically on learning about your child's capabilities and sense of responsibility.  Teach them to do it rather than doing it for them.  This is the complexity of the assignments entrusted to us, but it is also what makes them so charming 😊

garde à domicile

Your home nanny:

With Viveo, you will no longer have to worry about the well-being of your child before you return home: your Viveo nanny will pick up your little one and bring them home safely.  Whether at the park or at home, your nanny will adapt to your child's profile to offer them activities adapted to his age and needs.  When your  morning schedule prevents you from taking your little one to nursery, a Viveo nanny can do this for you.  Our operation is a la carte!

The simplicity of our operation:


  1. Simple and Fast

    Etape 1
    I define my needs online and I receive my free personalised proposal ☝️
  2. Effective

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    I formalise my contract entirely online 💪
  3. Happy

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    My agency introduces me to my nanny and the services start at my home 🤗


So what are you waiting for?


Still hesitating?  Discover three good reasons to take the plunge!

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