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An innovative social service

A free service for all Viveo employees ✌️

Faced with the growing difficulties that we all encounter (personal, family problems, budget, housing, health, disability, etc.), Viveo has also decided to make life easier for all its employeesby offering them a free and innovative service in the business sector of personal service. 

Indeed, it is not always easy to solve your housing, banking, CAF, retirement or other issues.... when we work and have to manage the family's schedules at the same time.  So, Viveo now takes care of you and comes to relieve you thanks to the access to a real internal social service.  Innovative in human resources, ambitious too 🥳 but above all, so comfortable for everyone

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No more problems with delays in processing your CAF of CPAMfiles, your requests for social housing, or even retirnement rights or access to the Energy check.

By integrating Viveo, you opt for a global approach to your situation (only if you wish and of course, request it) thanks to the intervention of our internal social worker who will first establish a report with you, and then will take care of all the formalities.

As well as being useful, this service is necessary to be able to finally work serenely!

Concrete and effective actions ✊

Our social service Viveo accompanies you to resolve your difficulties and allow you to find serenity.  He will liaise with all the organisations that can intervene in different situations:

  • 💶 Budget: reduction in resources, financial management difficulties, unforeseen costs, unpaid bills, administrative late payment, wage garnishment, over-indebtedness, etc.
  • 👨‍⚕️ Health: sick leave, addictive beahaviour, CPAM procedures, handicap, depression, invalidity, etc.
  • 🏡 Housing: housing action, housing application, home ownership, emergency accommodation, litigation with the lessor, etc.
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  • 👨‍👩‍👧 Family life: studies and training, conflicts, assaults, isolation, birth, marriage, PACS, separation, divorce
  • 👩‍💼 Professional life: worksatation layout, work environment, work accident / occupational disease, specific leave, unfitness for the job, psycho-social risks, etc.
  • Rights and procedures: CAF rights, Pole Emploi, family, foreigners, prefecture procedures, Socail Security, retirement, etc.

Why does it work?

Quite simply because our internal social service responds to a growing need of employees in all companies.  Unfortunately very little deveroped in small and medium-sized enterprises, often due to a lack of time and budget, the Management wished to develop this initiavite in 2018.  And for more than 3 years, it has endeavoured, each year, to follow the balance sheet and statistics compiled by the service.  A work in close collaboration but in the respect of the kept secret.

Still have questions? 👇

Why contact the internal social service?
Are you a colleague and encountering difficulties in your life?  Don't stay alone, this service provides advice and support you in your efforts.

Can anyone call for service?
The service is for all employees and trainees.  It's even extending to our customers now: little by little, the service is growing.

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How to contact the service?
When you join Viveo, you will receive a Welcome Package with all the explanations you need to get in touch with our social service (phone, email, My Viveo application - employee interface).

Is my employer informed?
The exchanges remain strictly confidential.  You alone decide what information you want to communicate.  The activity reports sent to your employer are not individual but based solely on overall service operating data.

How it works?
Having joined Viveo, you can contact the service and make an appointment with our social worker.  They will take a balanced view of your situation and provide answers.  There will be regular follows ups to check on your progress.

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